Frieze Carpet

Frieze Carpet

Frieze Carpet aka twist is widespread and broadly used carpet these days. It’s the trendy reincarnation of the shag carpet from the 70’s. Nonetheless, these carpets are significantly better trying and lengthy final than its earlier kind. The fiber of this carpet is extremely twisted and bent on the high which provides it the twisty texture. Many of the Frieze carpets are used in homes particularly in bedrooms and television lounge as their design provides them a casual look which is surprisingly engaging.


The Frieze’s principal purpose for the recognition is its sturdiness; this allows the carpet to last more than typical carpets. That is due to its unique texture which acts as a pure resistance to the pressure or weight of your foot or furniture and causes no blooming in any way.


Along with the sturdiness, there are specific plus factors to the frieze carpet, and they’re the next:

  1. These carpets are nice for camouflaging filth which is a plus level in case your house is crowded with folks particularly kids.
  2. Not like different carpets, the frieze will comparatively have fewer footprints and marks due to the unfastened and lengthy fibers.
  3. The frieze is often fairly comfortable and enjoyable to stroll on as it’s as comfortable as cotton. If you happen to stroll on it, barefoot you will notice that it feels excellent.


Up until now we have now targeted solely on the advantages of a frieze carpet, let’s take a look at among the main drawbacks or pointless options of this carpet:

  1. The cleansing of the frieze is a posh task due to its lengthy and unfastened fibers which allow the filth to cover beneath and consequently, you want a very good vacuum cleaner that can totally suck the filth that might lay hidden.
  2. If you happen to by chance spill water or any beverage you will see it tough to regulate it, and it’ll circulation in every single place, and you’ll ultimately have to scrub up the entire carpet.

General, it may be concluded that a frieze carpet is value shopping for as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Along with that, if correctly used and brought care of this carpet can final for an extended interval whereas sustaining its magnificence. So in case you’re in search of one thing that is casually comforting and appears higher than a frieze carpet is what you ought to be shopping for.